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Classic Mini and BMW Mini for sale and wanted adverts
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Classic Mini cars, spares and accessories wanted adverts.

1980_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Hi thanks for looking at this. I am a 17 year old boy who is trying to find a classic mini as my first car as I have been obsessed with them my whole life and would love to join the classic mini club 😉. I have a budget of 2000 and know that.....[More details]
Joe Hufford +44 7823 331527 - Avon (England)
Ref. No.: 2544 [ Email]
Last updated: 06 Aug [Update now]

1975_Classic Mini_ClubmanClassic Mini Clubman 1275gt Wanted 1275gt... Any condition considered. More original the better... Cash waiting.....[More details]
Wez 07961426325 - Lancashire (England)
Ref. No.: 2519 [ Email]
Last updated: 29 Dec [Update now]

1975_Classic Mini_ClubmanClassic Mini Clubman 1275GT Looking for Clubman 1275GT (original. Will entertain barn find if solid or one that needs a little tlc. Many thanks .....[More details]
Spencer 07789 393930 - Hampshire (England)
Ref. No.: 2509 [ Email]
Last updated: 18 Sep [Update now]

1980_Classic Mini_Classic Mini classic mini My 16 year old son is building a 1982 mini for his first car. Has anyone got a scraper, non runner. He needs a so mny bits that we are after a doner car. It doesnt mater how bad it is. As long as its virtually complete. Can sort out collection. T.....[More details]
Jaydee 07800661006 - ()
Ref. No.: 2267 [ Email]
Last updated: 19 Apr [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_PickupClassic Mini Pickup wanted mini pickup can be just the shell or all the car.....[More details]
arthur 01132942496 - Yorkshire (West) (England)
Ref. No.: 1868 [ Email]
Last updated: 04 Jun [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Looking to purchase a 'cheap' mini for a restoration project. .....[More details]
Luke Todd - Glamorgan (Wales)
Ref. No.: 1810 [ Email]
Last updated: 30 Nov [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Wanted none runner mini, shell with seats. Wanted for a garden seat and BBQ project. Needs to be as cheap as chips .....[More details]
Kim 07966314047 - (Please select c)
Ref. No.: 1775 [ Email]
Last updated: 01 Apr [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_Classic Mini this is a long shot but hey, Hi, i am starting to drive this year and for my first car i was thinking of a classic mini, which i could restore to former glory and make my own. I have very low funds so if you had an old mini not doing much, that ru.....[More details]
Joseph 07814795440 - ()
Ref. No.: 1744 [ Email]
Last updated: 22 Jan [Update now]

1980_Classic Mini_Or Clubman EstateClassic Mini Or Clubman Estate Automatic Mini Clubman or Clubman estate wanted. Has to be automatic gear box. Any condition considered. Cash waiting or part exchange for my Rover Mini.....[More details]
Simon Spibey 07935968488 - Cheshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1742 [ Email]
Last updated: 20 Jan [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Looking for a classiv mini, interested in any exept a sport as needs low insurance as is a first car, rust ect not a problem! please text/call (call from 6 in the evening) willing to travel......[More details]
cathy 07814759398 - ()
Ref. No.: 1734 [ Email]
Last updated: 23 Dec [Update now]

1970_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Looking for a classic mini, austin or rover I'm not too fussy. looking for a working mini/ one that could be repaired quite easily. hoping for a car not a rust-bucket! all offers open! however I'm looking to pay 1000 max!.....[More details]
Charlie 07901716524 - Hampshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1730 [ Email]
Last updated: 03 Dec [Update now]

1990_Classic Mini_Classic Mini I'm looking for my first car, so something not too expensive and that still needs work doing to it -mechanical or cosmetic - so I can make it my own. I would like any classic mini and am ready to buy now so please don't hesitate to contact me if y.....[More details]
Stacy 07900583395 - Dorset (England)
Ref. No.: 1693 [ Email]
Last updated: 13 Aug [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Wanted! Project Mini, body must be sound, Cash waiting for the right car. WHY?.....[More details]
Nigel 07906743975 - Essex (England)
Ref. No.: 1670 [ Email]
Last updated: 21 May [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_Classic Mini 1275GT Looking for a 1275GT in original condition or as close as. Please contact me via e-mail or on my mobile.....[More details]
Wez 07961 426325 - Lancashire (England)
Ref. No.: 1669 [ Email]
Last updated: 16 May [Update now]

1990_Classic Mini_Classic Mini any mini considered what ever the condition. cheap project wanted. preferably local to gwent but will travel. .....[More details]
neil 07947822140 - Gwent (Wales)
Ref. No.: 1667 [ Email]
Last updated: 11 May [Update now]

1968_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Looking for a mini shell, have a mini but shell is gone and needs to much work. Any one have one? Thanks.....[More details]
Louise 07713578469 - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 1503 [ Email]
Last updated: 05 May [Update now]

1986_Classic Mini_Classic Mini mini wanted for restoration project .. will pay anything less than 600[More details]
diarmuid 00353 879528635 - Down (N.Ireland)
Ref. No.: 1654 [ Email]
Last updated: 16 Apr [Update now]

1982_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Any hi im looking for a classic mini to buy i am not really bothered about wether or not it's taxed or M.O.T'd just as long as it's solid i also dont mind if it needs some work doing!! so really open to anything im looking for a car that is ideally in.....[More details]
Ben 07540990758 - ()
Ref. No.: 1632 [ Email]
Last updated: 31 Mar [Update now]

1969_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Hi i'm after a mk1 or mk2 mini to restore, I don't want a complete rot box but don't mind some welding / repairing of panels.....[More details]
Jamie 01214333809 - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 1617 [ Email]
Last updated: 19 Mar [Update now]

1988_Classic Mini_Classic Mini Hi looking for an old mini(not the BMW). A little bit of work would be ok as i'm hopefully getting an Mechanics apprenticeship plus family members have experience with mini's Thanks ste.....[More details]
Steven - ()
Ref. No.: 1616 [ Email]
Last updated: 17 Mar [Update now]

1980_Classic Mini_Classic Mini any i am looking for a mini to do up with my dad. i am 15 years old and know alot about cars. my dad used to work in F1, indy car, F1 powerboat, lambougini, etc... so your mini will be looked after. i am helping my dad do a stag. and would love to have a.....[More details]
Ashley - Oxfordshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1610 [ Email]
Last updated: 10 Mar [Update now]

1980_Classic Mini_Classic Mini In desperate need of a Classic Mini to restore as my first car. Reasonable to moderate work will gladly be done to it but not ridiculous amounts. Any model will be appreciated. Contact me via email......[More details]
Fred Yates - Yorkshire (East) (England)
Ref. No.: 1602 [ Email]
Last updated: 28 Feb [Update now]

1987_Classic Mini_CooperClassic Mini Cooper I am looking for a cheap rover mini, I am a student and I would LOVE a rover mini for my first car as I love them! I am looking to pay a maximum of ?1000, please help me find one! x.....[More details]
Danni 07990773584 - ()
Ref. No.: 1595 [ Email]
Last updated: 22 Feb [Update now]

1991_Classic Mini_Classic Mini I'm looking for a classic mini, later than 1990. It has to have some MOT and Tax as I need to start using it immediately. In or around Birmingham if possible. Don't mind about engine size......[More details]
Nutmeg 07799795395 - West Midlands (England)
Ref. No.: 1593 [ Email]
Last updated: 22 Feb [Update now]

1985_Classic Mini_Classic Mini 1275GT I would like to Part exchange my BWM for a classic mini, I have always wanted a mini and I have come to the stage where I need to move on. Preferably a Rover Mini but I would welcome any offers please please please help me fulfill my childhood dream .....[More details]
chris 07708105956 - Cambridgeshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1589 [ Email]
Last updated: 16 Feb [Update now]

1980_Classic Mini_Classic Mini any Looking for original classic mini. not to fussed about mot or tax as it would be a project, up to ?300 and will pick up.....[More details]
Adam Cave 07827910404 - Hampshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1588 [ Email]
Last updated: 15 Feb [Update now]

1987_Classic Mini_MayfairClassic Mini Mayfair mini wanted must be a runner.....[More details]
Kenny 0141 781 1531 - Central Scotland (Scotland)
Ref. No.: 1580 [ Email]
Last updated: 31 Jan [Update now]

1970_Classic Mini_Classic Mini hi im a sixteen year old girl looking for a mini as my first car as i am becoming a trainee mechanic and i would like a project to work on for when i pass my test as i have always wanted a mini and it would like to make one my own. please call my dad.....[More details]
Emma 07768573906 - Yorkshire (West) (England)
Ref. No.: 1579 [ Email]
Last updated: 31 Jan [Update now]

1971_Classic Mini_Classic Mini any i'm currently looking for a tax exempt mini would consider anything,unfinished project rust bucket,not interested in a car thatsall ready been rebuilt though,want to the work myself, cash waiting for right model, must have v5 or prrof of regitrati.....[More details]
derek 01505 684645 - Strathclyde (Scotland)
Ref. No.: 1563 [ Email]
Last updated: 25 Jan [Update now]

1986_Classic Mini_MayfairClassic Mini Mayfair Would like to know if anyone is selling a Classic Mini Mayfair as passed driving test a few months ago and have always wanted an old Mini. Dont mind if it needs a small amount of work doing to it, but preferably nothing major. Regards.....[More details]
Ben 01746 781807 - Shropshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1557 [ Email]
Last updated: 18 Jan [Update now]

1970_Classic Mini_OneClassic Mini One any Hi i am looking for any mini, i am doing project for prostate cancer,, any help would be much appreciated.....[More details]
Paul 07973344169 - ()
Ref. No.: 1552 [ Email]
Last updated: 13 Jan [Update now]

1996_Classic Mini_CooperClassic Mini Cooper Hello im looking for a mini cooper for my first car, its my 21st birthday in may and im looking to get driving so wanted to find a cheap little mini as i love the old ones, if anyone has anything they think i would be interested in just email me than.....[More details]
jessica 07961650611 - ()
Ref. No.: 1551 [ Email]
Last updated: 11 Jan [Update now]

2000_Classic Mini_Classic Mini hi im looking for a classic mini cooper sportspack 1.3, am willing to travel all over scotland to view. car must be running and road legal......[More details]
emma 07788755385 - ()
Ref. No.: 1544 [ Email]
Last updated: 09 Jan [Update now]

1992_Classic Mini_Classic Mini looking for a mini for a project car however must ave MOT for atleast 3-4months minimum. not too fussed what else as i want to do a full rebuild on it willing to go to around ?1600 or swap for a 2.5 V6 MG ZT .....[More details]
Andrew 07500086551 - ()
Ref. No.: 1535 [ Email]
Last updated: 02 Jan [Update now]

1990_Classic Mini_Any model any yearClassic Mini Any model any year 1.3i I am after a very cheap or even free classic mini within the Staffordshire area. Any model, colour mileage. Must be driveable though. Will collect......[More details]
Nick 07875196947 - Staffordshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1528 [ Email]
Last updated: 14 Dec [Update now]

1971_Classic Mini_Classic Mini .....[More details]
Ben 07581 567989 - Hampshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1519 [ Email]
Last updated: 26 Nov [Update now]

1986_Classic Mini_Classic Mini mini wanted anything considered fo father and son resoration call with details.....[More details]
darren 07521945835 - Merseyside (England)
Ref. No.: 1518 [ Email]
Last updated: 25 Nov [Update now]

1980_Classic Mini_any classic miniClassic Mini any classic mini im looking for any classic mini that is in need of som tlc . as long as there isnt to much rust and has a working engine i am not fussed . I need it for a restoration project. Please help me out . Cheers .....[More details]
Karl 07920819767 - (Please select c)
Ref. No.: 1512 [ Email]
Last updated: 15 Nov [Update now]

1992_Classic Mini_CooperClassic Mini Cooper dont mind Hi there, looking for a classic mini, preferably a runner, but dont have a real strong particular in mind, open to alot of models. pay upto ?700 for a good one, but it is going to be a restoration project so not after a perfect one. Thanks.....[More details]
Matt 071515746344 - Buckinghamshire (England)
Ref. No.: 1510 [ Email]
Last updated: 11 Nov [Update now]

1990_Classic Mini_Cooper SClassic Mini Cooper S Hi there, I am looking for a second hand mini Cooper, any colour. Preferably petrol... .....[More details]
elizabeth 07908699144 - London (England)
Ref. No.: 1489 [ Email]
Last updated: 20 Oct [Update now]

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